Costume Flash // Queen of All Cosmos Cosplay

20 Nov

This one is going back a few months! The world of cosplay is not my natural habitat, but when you’re going to an anime & video game convention… you’ve got to blend in, right?!

The King and Queen of All Cosmos

The Queen of All Cosmos is a character from the Katamari series of console games. I’m not much of a gamer, but suffice to say the surreal wackiness and hyperactive colours in these games are something I can really get into! Basically, you control a ball (a ‘katamari’) that you push around a fantasy world and… roll things up. Really, it sounds silly even as I write it! Check out the Wiki entry (linked above) because there is no way to properly explain the addictive cuteness that is Katamari.

There are a few different ways you can approach cosplay, I think. Some costumers really like to create an outfit that is as close to the character as possible, and go to incredible lengths to make their costume as ‘realistic’ as possible. This can include wigs, spray painting on bigger ‘muscles’ and wearing coloured contacts. My personal interpretation is usually more ‘inspired’ than accurate. I like making costumes that suggest a concept, or a particular aspect of an anime or game. My Queen of All Cosmos maintains the colours and feel of the character, but I have played with the shapes of her costume to make it a little bit different.

I like to work out what elements make a character recognisable. Instead of making an oversized headpiece, I used a knitting pattern (available here) to make some earmuffs that suggest the Queen’s enormous head. Her son, the Prince of All Cosmos, is a very important accessory to this cosplay – so I crocheted him as well, from another pattern available online.

Crocheted Prince

Once you have these two important elements to establish the character, you can play around with the rest of the outfit a bit more. My version of the Queen is a skirt and jacket combo rather than a dress, with the skirt being shorter than the ‘real’ version. The top is a tailored jacket, with a scalloped collar embellished with gold buttons that echoes the shape of the original. I thought white thigh-high socks and sparkly pink sequin sneakers were an appropriate, though made-up, touch!

Queen of All Cosmos and King Kazuma

I can’t finish this post without mentioning my partner’s incredible costume. He is still fairly new to costuming in general, and he made this whole outfit (King Kazuma from the movie Summer Wars) himself! He is cosplaying a 6-foot tall anthopomorphic fighting rabbit, and I think he did an incredible job! The giant shoes and gloves are all made of foam, and the wig and headpiece/ears are one unit.

PS: If you are on Ravelry, find more details of my knitted/crocheted projects!


Prince Plushie

2 Responses to “Costume Flash // Queen of All Cosmos Cosplay”

  1. Debi November 21, 2011 at 3:33 am #

    Loved your outfit! So creative–I just adore the headpiece! I’d love to get into cosplay more!

  2. Miss Emmi November 28, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    love love LOVE katamari and love this interpretation of the costume! I want to make a young queen costume to wear with a young king – my favourite aspect of cosplay is the challenge of making a 2D outfit, that exists in a world without laws of physics, come to life in 3D. I’ve recently got back into it after a break of a year, and my passion has been sparked all over again!

    Did you know you can get Katamari on the Ipad? Hello procrastination!

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