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Long time no sew!

4 Oct

Costume on the mannequin by Abi Casey/Image courtesy of PeterFisher

Actually, that’s not true at all! I’ve been sewing… a lot.

Sometimes I sew so much, I don’t feel like sewing anymore.

But then I have a good sleep and that craziness passes.

A lot has happened in my little sewing world over the past year. I’m now a second-year student of wardrobe and costume production for theatre and film, and I even have a job where I get paid to draft patterns. Pretty cool! I’ve missed having a blog, even though I’m often super-busy, because it lets me keep track of ideas, keeps me accountable to finish projects (!) and gives me a space to think through stuff – all with the added bonus of hearing what others have to say about it!

So here I am again, giving this another shot. The focus of ‘Whipstitch’ won’t be solely vintage-inspired sewing any more. I still love it, but it’s become a slightly smaller part of what I do. In addition to sewing, I want to write about pattern drafting, a bit of embroidery, the creative process, cosplay, historical costume and my quest to learn how to use software to digitise my hand-drawn patterns. Sometimes completely unrelated adventures, like the side-quest in which I attempt to build a bicycle from miscellaneous parts, might creep in. Bear with me. I’ll try and be a good pen-pal!

This blog will also eventually become my online portfolio. I have made so many costumes that are destined to see only the inside of a storage room unless they are hung up where someone can see them – like here! To the right you can see my Flickr gallery, to which I will upload photos of my completed costumes.

I’ve also put up a few links to other places on the net that I frequent. I only just joined The Sew Weekly, and am looking forward to hanging out there!

In addition, as I learn how to use software to digitise my patterns, I will post some of them here. They’ll be pretty basic to start with, but I’m hoping it will help me learn. I love to draft by hand, but I can see how having neat, digital patterns is easier to share and much more professional.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon!