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Tutorial – Fabric Covered Shoes

27 Dec

Hello! So I knocked up a quick ‘n’ dirty tutorial on how I covered the Christmas Dress shoes in case anyone else feels the need to fancify their shoes with fabric! This isn’t the most permanent method (I’m sure more sturdy glue would be needed) but it does do the trick if you need shoes to match an outfit *right now* and can’t find/afford a new pair! It certainly held up to a few hours of walking around on a dry summer night – wet weather might require the final step of waterproofing.

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Busier than Father Christmas? Maybe…

22 Dec

Or, in which sewing seems like a beautiful, untouchable and distant dream…

Every Christmas I promise myself I will never work retail in the silly season again!!! Thoughts of sewing have gone completely out the window – but I promise I am working on the shoe covering tutorial! On a happy note, look what I found while out op-shopping on Monday:

Not one, but three patterns of bathing suits and playsuits, all of different eras! That 1950’s pattern in the top left is completely gorgeous. Can’t wait to start. I posted about wanting to find a cute playsuit pattern a few weeks ago, and then I find a lovely one in my size; maybe there is some Christmas sewing magic in the air! These two patterns were also in the lot I bought, and that wrap-around shirt is tempting me horribly.

Working in a job that entails full-on selling over the Christmas season inspires me even more to be crafty, learn new skills, give home-made gifts, re-make old clothes and re-use anything I can. There is a general feeling in the air of spending less and making more, of giving things with personality rather than useless gadgetry. I love it!

Merry Christmas everyone!

White Christmas Ball Dress

13 Dec

Tired and sore feet and a sore head… must have been a fun night! This is what I wore to the Swing Sesh (my swing dancing school) White Christmas Ball! I made a dress & covered a pair of shoes for the event, because a girl always needs a fancy new outfit for a big night out. The pattern was McCalls 5036 from 1959, which I showed you in this post – I made it strapless rather than have a lace netting over the bodice because I couldn’t find a lace that was suitable, but I definitely want to try it again with lace included. The instructions looked really tricky to start with, but in the end I finished this quite quickly – it was the details that took a long time! Lots of pictures after the cut. Continue reading

Christmas Ball Sneak Peek

11 Dec

The Swing Sesh Christmas Ball is tomorrow night! I have been madly finishing my dress, petticoat and gathering my accessories… I just know I’m going to forget something! So here is a little peek at what I’ve been making. I still love my Ikea fabric and the dress turned out great, but you’ll have to come back and see it on Sunday!

PS. I am completely at a loss for hairstyles. I have hair past the middle of my back, which makes most 1950’s up-dos difficult. Does anyone know any good tutorials for evening styles?