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Knit ALL the Yarns!

6 Apr


I showed the beginnings of it here, and it’s finally finished! Inspired by the beautiful multicolour pullovers that one of my lecturers knits, I made my own odds’n’ends magic sweater with all the 4-ply yarn in my stash. Mostly sock yarn, some yarn I spun myself, some I bought on overseas travel, and some my Mum gave me especially for this project. Knitted in the round from the bottom up, with a circular yoke. It’s amazingly light and drapey and soft, and I can’t wait for the weather to get cool enough so I can wear it ALL THE TIME.


So I got really tricksy and knitted the v-neck as a steek, which I then sewed by machine and cut afterwards. I did this because I didn’t want to¬† a) interrupt the circular yoke bands and b) I didn’t want to purl a single stitch! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, as I had never steeked anything before, but using these instructions as a reference made it super-simple. The cut edges turned under just beautifully, and I finished the v-neck with an unobtrusive i-cord bindoff.


I-cord neckline


Finished and blocking


Now hurry up Autumn, I want to wear my magic sweater!


Find this project here on Ravelry.


Rainbows everywhere!

20 Jan

Everything is colourful!

I chained my bike (the big turquoise one!) next to this tiny knit-bombed rainbow covered trike outside work last week. All around town these yarn-covered bikes have appeared, a lovely impromptu street art to brighten up our car-infested streets.



One of my costume lecturers is knitting these amazing sweater dresses out of 4-ply sock wool. She has made three so far, and by all accounts it is totally addictive, watching the colours change and grow. They are truly beautiful, light and colourful works of art! She keeps one in the car so she can knit wherever she finds a spare minute.



A whole basket full of 4-ply yarns ready to be knitted up. Irresistible!



Of course I couldn’t resist! I have a whole bunch of 4-ply wool in the stash myself, and socks are not my favourite thing to knit (I suffer dreadfully from ‘second-sock-syndrome’!). Tomorrow I am flying to Tasmania to visit my Mum for a few days, and this will be something to take along and keep my hands busy. That gold sparkly yarn will be in there somewhere, oh yes…

All I want is a closet of vintage sweaters for winter…

22 Feb

Or, dust on the sewing machine means my needles are flying!

Cute Needle Photo by KerryW

It’s February!! That means, for all you fellow Aussie ladies (and gents?), there are about three or four months left to go before you can seriously break out the hot winter styles. Seriously, readers, I am dreaming of the day when I can pull on a jumper and a tartan wool skirt. In my eagerness, I have been scouring Ravelry for cute vintage-inspired patterns to knit, because if I start now I might actually have something finished when it starts getting chilly!

For your knitterly delectation, I have gathered here some of my favourite patterns. I tried to pick something to cover most parts of you! Best of all, they’re all free! Just click on the pictures to get to the patterns. Start knitting! Now! What are you waiting for?!

Joan Crawford Cardigan

3-Hour Sweater

From a 1930’s knitting pattern booklet.

Lady Jodie Hat

Gorgeous little flapper-style hat!

Bow-Knot Scarf

I have made several of these and they are insanely cute & warm!

Women’s Long Gloves

You better believe I will be knitting some long gloves this winter. They are so fantastic.

Bell Curve Skirt

Hot. Hot. Hot. 1940’s suit, anyone?

1930 Tap Bra and Panties

I have loved these forever, still have to get around to making some!

Is there something here that tickles your fancy? Maybe start with the gorgeous underwear! I might go with the cute cloche hat, it’s just too adorable for words. Happy knitting (or dreaming of knitting)! xox

The knitting madness strikes!

17 Jan

In which a slightly gusty, rainy day turns my thoughts to yarn and needles.

I have looked at this knitted dress pattern from Etsy seller babydee over and over again. Isn’t it just stunning? Imagine a full length black lacy gown over a red or cream slip…

… and then imagine how long it would take to knit one! I know vintage knitting patterns often call for a much smaller gauge than modern knits, so if I started this tomorrow I might be finished by next winter! Even with the lacy pattern it would be a marathon effort. In addition, I know knit dresses are slightly impractical as knitting likes to stretch out with wear. But, how pretty…!

Are any of you knitters? What would be my chances of this turning out nicely if I decided to give it a shot? Or should I devote myself whole-heartedly to my sewing machine?