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In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines…

13 Jan

This dress was actually inspired by the little straw hat I am wearing, which I found at Sportsgirl of all places. Together with the faded blue of the dress and cream bib, it reminded me of a lovely book… Madeline!

I used the bodice pattern of the Brown Birds dress, which has proven to fit me so well, and added a basic gathered skirt made of two rectangular panels. The fabric is from an op-shop and feels like a cotton/linen mix; it drapes so beautifully. At the moment I am becoming more and more attracted to plain fabrics that feel lovely, rather than busy prints – although I don’t think I will ever stop loving them!

The cream bib is a piece I cut out of a 1930’s blouse that had become so tattered and stained there was no wearing it in public. It still has a few stains on it, but I figure that gives it character, right? I simply made up the bodice and hand-stitched the bib onto it. Originally I wanted to cut away the fabric behind the bib (an idea I am playing with in more detail at the moment) but decided that the stability lent by the blue fabric would help hold the shape of the vintage piece.

I learnt a new technique! At the top of the back zip I made a thread loop for a hook closure. I didn’t take a photo, but this involves making a few loops with stronger thread and covering the loop with blanket stitch. I hate sewing on metal eyes for hooks, and I see this little detail all the time on vintage blouses, so it’s going to be a handy skill I think!

I had to resort to self-timer photos here… you will probably get to see my whole house eventually! Ok… and you will see me using that 1960’s pattern a lot too because it’s so adaptable and well-fitting!