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Costume School // Making Millinery Flowers, Part 2

31 Oct

Hi everyone! Hope your week has been just wonderful! Between two jobs and coursework, I hardly know where I’m at anymore… so I’m sorry if this entry is a little bit later than promised.

So here’s a lesson we learned while letting your gelatine/stiffener dipped flowers dry: don’t spread them out on paper, hang them up! If you put them on paper, they WILL stick. If you’re not around to turn them over every so often, you will end up with lots of paper residue stuck on your petals. Not cool. Luckily I did turn mine over before leaving for the weekend, so I had whole bunch of crispy, paper-y, stiffened petals to work with.

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For the love of (leather) Bows!

24 Jan

Or, it is a rare fancy indeed that satisfies the inner vintage-goth.

Ever since I have seen these oversized leather bows around the internet, I have wanted one so badly. I love bows, they are such a cute way of topping off an outfit, and I love leather just as much. So these little items are just the perfect accessory to satisfy my inner vintage fashionista and my inner goth! Unfortunately leather accessories come with a leather price tag, so I flexed the crafty muscles and came up with my own version. This bow is made from a cut-up leather skirt and attached with a length of lightweight chain I had lying around. I used chain as it would lie well under a collar, or look a bit dangerous if I wore the bow over the top instead. The edges are topstitched for contrast.

So there we have it; my craving is satisified!

Welcome to Whipstitch!

19 Nov

Hello crafty people! Welcome to Whipstitch! I’ve loved dressing up and vintage clothing ever since I stopped having to wear school uniforms and started having to think of what to wear every day! Polyester 70’s shirts and dresses made way for the 40’s and 50’s when I started swing dancing, but as sweating on the dancefloor is very hard on beautiful old clothes I started sewing more and more of my own outfits. I love the detail in vintage clothes – back then, people made their dresses to last years and years rather than one season, and touches such as bound buttonholes, sweeping hems finished by hand and delicate embroidery are elements I try to incorporate into my own sewing. I want the things I make to last for as long as I fit into them, before I hand them on to someone else to love!

Whipstitch is a place for me to share my sewing adventures, successes, failures and my inspirations and discoveries in the incredible online community of crafty people and lovers of fashion. There is no excuse for any of us to lament that we have nothing to wear, or to pay hideous amounts of money for new clothes that we might wear once or twice before throwing out, when we have the skills to make, or remake, amazing styles to suit ourselves. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery – even obscure crafts like tatting, netting and knotting – are all vital skills in our crafty arsenal. We don’t make daggy boxer shorts in home economics, we can make gorgeous outfits that we’re proud to wear out. So without further ado, welcome! Let’s sew!