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Busier than Father Christmas? Maybe…

22 Dec

Or, in which sewing seems like a beautiful, untouchable and distant dream…

Every Christmas I promise myself I will never work retail in the silly season again!!! Thoughts of sewing have gone completely out the window – but I promise I am working on the shoe covering tutorial! On a happy note, look what I found while out op-shopping on Monday:

Not one, but three patterns of bathing suits and playsuits, all of different eras! That 1950’s pattern in the top left is completely gorgeous. Can’t wait to start. I posted about wanting to find a cute playsuit pattern a few weeks ago, and then I find a lovely one in my size; maybe there is some Christmas sewing magic in the air! These two patterns were also in the lot I bought, and that wrap-around shirt is tempting me horribly.

Working in a job that entails full-on selling over the Christmas season inspires me even more to be crafty, learn new skills, give home-made gifts, re-make old clothes and re-use anything I can. There is a general feeling in the air of spending less and making more, of giving things with personality rather than useless gadgetry. I love it!

Merry Christmas everyone!