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Costume Journal 2012 // Lady Mechanika

3 Jan

Happy New Year friends! Hope you’ve all had a relaxing and inspiring break – or not! For those of us who work in retail or hospitality, it’s usually pretty exhausting! But now here we have a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-box year… some assembly required.

This is a big one for me – I’m starting my third (and final) year of costume school, and while at this stage I’m not exactly sure how that is going to run for me, I do know that I want to devote more time and energy to my own personal sewing goals. After all, this is what I love doing, so why let procrastination ruin the fun?

So here it is, the big one, my personal Holy Grail for 2012. Something I can sink my teeth into, that will stretch my craftiness, my niftiness, my powers of fabric-persuasion:


Lady Mechanika

Lady Mechanika Cover #4


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Is this awesome? Y/N

28 Jan

Or, I’m not really sure what came over me.

Sometimes a pattern just smacks you in the face with its fabulosity. Maybe you’re not the type to wear palazzo pants, or sleeveless tops, or intriguing keyhole necklines. Maybe you can’t ever imagine finding that perfect shade of teal velour. Maybe you were scanning the 40’s and 50’s patterns on Etsy when this little number showed up and you were suddenly awash with visions of 1970’s glamour. Suggested fabric? Polyester knit, velvet, velveteen, satin. It boggles the mind.

We all have our ‘niche’, be it 50’s ballgowns or 60’s shifts; a shape our eye is always drawn to first when scouring the pattern sites. But have you ever fallen for something kind of outrageous? A dress that is so awkward it becomes endearing? Pants of a cumbersome width? Tell me about the patterns that have stolen your senses! Did it work out? Or did it just look better on paper?

As for me, I am anxiously waiting for my jumpsuit pattern (courtesy of Midvale Cottage) to arrive in my mailbox, and keeping an eye out for teal velveteen while I’m at it…

Playsuit Love

7 Dec

Playsuits, rompers, onesies – I’ve seen so many in shops this season but for the most part they seem to be elastic-waisted 80’s inspired creations that are not really my style. Summer gets so hot here that some cute overalls seem mighty attractive right about now. There are a few suppliers of lovely 1950’s – style bathers around, like the all-Aussie My Sister Pat, but they are a little out of my price range :(.

Of course, a crafty gal always options, so I’ve done a bit of research for the purposes of making a playsuit that suits me! They’ve turned up in various incarnations every decade since the 1930’s, with variations on the theme of ‘shorts attached to a bodice’, and there are plenty of vintage patterns around to provide inspiration.

Some come in two parts, wth a bare midriff, but I want to be able to wear my playsuit at work (with stockings) and around town without worrying about my tummy showing too much. So as cute as this 1940’s ensemble is, it’s not quite right. Love those sleeves though. From Sandritocat

So cute! …so costumey! Maybe for swing dancing or a photoshoot, but while I love dressing up, a hardcore sailor-girl outfit is never terribly versatile! I’ve determined to sew more clothes that are wearable on an every day basis. Sigh! From WearingHistory

I do have a bit of a soft spot for this tennis dress, but sleeveless tops with a big collar are not my favourite thing ever. Culottes are cool though, right? From Missretromodern.

Separates! A dress, shorts, an overskirt… so many options! I really do like these 50’s wardrobe packages where they give you everything to make several outfits. The playsuit pictured is also nice and plain, which appeals to me because its enough of a standout item that it doesn’t need to have too much extra detail. From DeLaBelle.

Yes yes… I know I said no bare midriffs! I had to put this in, I have such a soft spot for it. Those bubble shorts! So good! I have a feeling they won’t do my thighs any favours but a girl can dream. Such a cute pin-up look, I may very well let myself be inspired by this pattern.

There are a few options for my playsuit project. So far I prefer one piece suits with a waist seam, with wider shorts and perhaps shoestring straps rather than sleeves. Maybe buttons up the front? Definitely a high waist. There are some more great patterns to study on the Commercial Pattern Archive, where they have done a feature on bathing suits and playsuits

Now all I need is the perfect fabric, some perfect buttons, and a sunny weekend to look forward to…