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Washing Day

13 Oct

Lawn needs mowing, shed looks.... sheddy. Ah well! But how about that Hills Hoist?!

There is something about a sunny, slighty windy day in early Spring… hanging out the washing is just a lovely thing to do.

It’s one of my favourites chores anyway; damp clean clothes fresh out of the machine, standing in the sunshine and enjoying the day as you hang them up. The satisfying way you snap the fabric when it’s wet and the wrinkles fall out. The eye-catching colour combinations you get when you hang some pink undies next to a yellow blouse, or a green bit of fabric.

All clean and dry and ready to go into the stash!

Even better is taking it all down again. Satisfyingly sun-warmed sheets, soft dry t-shirts, lengths of fabric ready to be sewn up. Folding things into neat stacks. I probably sound a bit silly waxing lyrical about doing the washing, but hey, it’s the little things, right?