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Is that enough floof for you??

28 Nov

When you’re this deep in the mountains of floof, the only thing you can do is power through! I started making a new petti to go under the Christmas dress because all my old ones were sadly ‘deflated’. I found some fantastic cotton curtain material at Spotlight ($7 for 5 metres!!) which seemed like it might do the trick. Very sheer, with a check pattern woven into it. I used the skirt pattern pieces of my dress to make the top of the petti, and then gathered strips of the cotton onto this base.

If I ever even THINK of using a ruffler foot again, you have my permission to punch me in the face. Seriously. That contraption was spawned in the pits of sewing Hell. In the end I went back to hand-gathering, which took longer but was not accompanied by quite as much tearing out of hair! There comes a moment where it looks like the darn thing will never be done, a great big mess of threads and loose fabric and raggedy ends, but I conquered my frustration and here we have an almost-finished petticoat for the fluffing up of big dresses:

Admitttedly, I am cheating a bit here. The new petti is sitting on two older, sadder petticoats, so it won’t be quite as ridiculously puffy as it looks. The black bits are velvet ribbons I am going to sew on as well. The finishing stage will be a liberal application of spray starch, to ensure the fluff lasts a whole night of dancing!

White Christmas Dress

23 Nov

Even when it’s 40 degrees outside and we are sweating over our prawns, us Aussies like to hope, that by some festive miracle, snow is going to fall on Christmas Eve. The Swing Sesh Christmas Ball is appropriately themed ‘White Christmas’, complete with hazers and paper snowflakes, and given my usual preference for black or red I decided I probably have to make something more evocative of a European winter’s night.

Does it have to be white? Swing dancing events usually means dressing slightly vintage, but even the most stunning 30’s or 50’s evening dress ends up looking faintly… bridal.

via allencompanyinc on etsy

I started thinking of some other festive colour combos, with the proviso that I have to able to wear the dress again after Christmas. So no red/green, but red/white is pretty versatile, right? Spotlight and Lincraft were a bust on pretty fabrics, but Ikea turned up trumps with a lovely heavier-weight cotton.

I love that slightly baroque floral print! The pattern I found in an op-shop; it’s from 1959. It has a lace overlay yoke which I am not completely sold on yet, but if I can find some nice off-white netting or lace I might do it. Otherwise I will make the full-skirt version in a strapless style.

The white taffeta I was thinking of using as lining… but it might make the whole affair boiling hot! I can’t rule out the possibility that it will be a scorching night.