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Is that enough floof for you??

28 Nov

When you’re this deep in the mountains of floof, the only thing you can do is power through! I started making a new petti to go under the Christmas dress because all my old ones were sadly ‘deflated’. I found some fantastic cotton curtain material at Spotlight ($7 for 5 metres!!) which seemed like it might do the trick. Very sheer, with a check pattern woven into it. I used the skirt pattern pieces of my dress to make the top of the petti, and then gathered strips of the cotton onto this base.

If I ever even THINK of using a ruffler foot again, you have my permission to punch me in the face. Seriously. That contraption was spawned in the pits of sewing Hell. In the end I went back to hand-gathering, which took longer but was not accompanied by quite as much tearing out of hair! There comes a moment where it looks like the darn thing will never be done, a great big mess of threads and loose fabric and raggedy ends, but I conquered my frustration and here we have an almost-finished petticoat for the fluffing up of big dresses:

Admitttedly, I am cheating a bit here. The new petti is sitting on two older, sadder petticoats, so it won’t be quite as ridiculously puffy as it looks. The black bits are velvet ribbons I am going to sew on as well. The finishing stage will be a liberal application of spray starch, to ensure the fluff lasts a whole night of dancing!